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Pasticceria Gnocchi, prodotti con i fiocchi!

The Gnocchi confectionery was created in 1958 thanks to three brothers: Alfio, Gianbattista and Renato, who wished to realize something important. Since then, through a gradually professional maturation in the hand-making and preparing of various products and especially thanks to a constant research for the best ingredients, the success of the Gnocchi confectionery has been growing and nowadays the shop has a name even abroad thanks to the exportation of Gallarate Amaretti. These amaretti biscuits, with the Panettone and the Colomba, typical feast sweets for Christmas and Easter, are one of the firm's distinguishing marks. In fact, not by chance, however Gallarate Amaretti are not so well-known in Italy and even in Lombardy itself yet, the Gnocchi confectionery has been exporting them for years, to London and New York, two of the most important towns in the world.
Nowadays Mr. Renato Gnocchi, his wife Ida and their son Massimo run the family business, helped by a highly qualified staff. The whole production comes up to the characteristic imperative of the pastry making art, aiming to a highly controlled quality, reached with a strict selection of the ingredients and an accurate presentation of the cakes.

The shop, with the laboratory, is located at Gallarate in via Varese 71 (on the MI-VA motorway, near the Cavaria exit). In addition to the facility of a large private parking area, it always offers a large selection of sweet pastries as well as salty ones, to meet the customers' wishes.
Furthermore, since a short time, with particular specialities or some cakes, the Gnocchi confectionery proposes excellent dessert wines, which can enhance the flavour of the pastries, making their eat much more agreeable, thanks to the matching, studied by expert wine waiters.
At this point, to pay a visit, in order to try the soft Gallarate Amaretti is almost a must.....


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Londra e New york coquistate dall'amaretto

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